my favorite tweet at the moment


my favorite tweet at the moment

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The creamiest vegan pasta you’ve ever seen.

Vegan Roasted Red Pepper Pasta on Minimalist Baker

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The most important meal of the day doesn’t have to be unhealthy!

Options for all diets.

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7-Minute Fat Burning Cardio Workout

Blogilates writes:

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a cardio workout for you, but today we end the drought! Let me see you sweat with one of my most FUN and intense cardio routines. Let’s go!!!

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20 Reasons Why You Should Join The Wheat Grass Wave

• Restores alkalinity in the blood
• Repairs blood cells
• Lowers cholesterol
• Detoxes the liver
• Hydrates
• Builds immune system
• Relieves constipation
• Balances gut bacteria
• Aids in weight loss
• Lowers risk of heart disease
• Anti-cancer
• AntiInflammatory
• Antiviral
• Antibacterial
• Regulates blood sugar
• Regulates blood pressure
• Natural source of energy
• Complete source of multivitamins
• Clears skin
• Miracle food

Can’t find fresh wheatgrass? Try this organic powdered wheatgrass!

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15 Minute Yoga Routine To Help Build Strength & Focus

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Yoga For The Butt
Beginner Yoga with Tara Stiles-Flexibility
Advance Yoga With Tara Stiles-Flexibility 
Tara Stiles: Yoga Weight Loss & Balance Workout
Yoga For Complete Beginners
Yoga For Beginners: Relaxation & Flexibility
Weight Loss For Beginners
Total Arm Workout
Get Madonna Arms 
Tank Top Arms
Victoria Secret Arms 
Superset Arm Workout
Five Minute Arm Workout
Arms Like A Victoria Secret Model
Fine Toning Arms 
Sleek and Sexy Arms 
XHIT Arm Workout
Tone Up Your Arms For Summer
Pop Pilates Back On Fire
Pop Pilates Backless Dress Workout
Toned Arms and Sculpted back
Bodacious Back And Sleek Shoulders
Sexy Back Workout
5 Minute Toned Body
Strengthen And Tone Your Back 
Firm Your Back
Tone Up Your Back
Lower and Upper Back Workout
Fitness Blender : Butt and Thighs
Barre Workout for Butt and Thighs
56 Minute Butt and Thighs
Legs Workout
Miley Cyrus Sexy Leg Workout
Perfect Legs
Killer Legs And Booty Workout
LAB Workout
Hot legs and Big Round Booty Workout
Lean Legs
Legs And Butt Shaper Workout
Victoria’s Secret Angel butt workout
Bikini Blaster : Booty Booty Booty
Beautiful Booty Workout
Love your Booty Routine
Bombastic Booty Pilates Workout on the Ball
Bombshell Booty Workout
Bikini Booty Workout
Victoria secret series : Butt Workout
10 minute Beginner butt
Supermodel Butt Workout
Victoria Secret Bombshell Butt Workout

I hope this helps 
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grab a handful

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